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Meet Our Team

Dan -1067 edit.jpg
Dan -1067 edit.jpg

Making Dreams Come True

Daniel brings over three decades in the entertainment and art industry spanning many countries with his exclusive creative capacity. His vast experience curating, customizing and manufacturing displays makes him a leader in his field. His commitment to special requests has afforded him the opportunity to build and deliver visions far beyond expectations. Daniel has an unique ability of connecting to his clients. By listening beyond words he is able to envision and deliver far more than anticipated. Daniel has a unique capability to make your wedding a Stellar Event.

Daniel Hanifan

Founder & Creative Director

Turning a Vision into Reality

Cyndi is caring and resilient and has a passion to do good for others in both her professional and personal life. She has spent her life with a strict commitment to customer service. Her event planning, design, visual merchandising and management skills span over 27 years. As a successful business owner and general manager she has proven to take any challenge to the highest level of perfection. This is evident by her many awards and accolades in her field. She consistently displays her greatest asset which is the ability to connect with all of her clients in a genuine and honest way.  She strives for every customers experience to be memorable. Her presence will hedge any event to be a Stellar Event.

Cyndi Johnson

Co-Founder & Creative Director


A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

Ingrid has over 40 years’ experience in retail, event design and management. She has delivered highly successful events to most notably The Blue Angels and several Hollywood stars. As one of the largest and accomplished retailers on the west coast she created magical Christmas and holiday stores believing that anything can be achieved. She has owned and operated popular coffee shops as well as a large beverage company. Ingrid lives by her motto that every idea is possible. She takes her customers on a memorable and pleasant journey and is sure to provide you a Stellar Event.

Ingrid Hoerman

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